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Karuna Reiki :
" The Karuna Reiki course was very interesting. It was good to do different meditations in between initiation sessions. It was very grounding and therefore, very beneficial from initiation point of view. Practising initiation methods on each other gave me more confidence to initiate others with Reiki in a year or so.

After being initiated with Karuna Reiki, I find self-healing very beneficial. Every time I do self-healing I feel as if I have been bathed in Reiki healing energy. I feel very light and all the stress and tension just melts away.

Some people have been benefited when I sent them distant healing, using some of the Karuna Reiki symbols. I sent distant healing to my sister-in-law who leaves abroad. She gets severe episodes of sciatica. During one of these episodes I sent her distant healing without her prior knowledge. After a few days I contacted her to ask how she was feeling. She told me that the pain had gone and that she felt much better. I then told her that I had sent her distant healing a few days before! " -- Sudha S. - Reiki Master Teacher.

" I thoroughly enjoyed the Karuna Reiki course. It is a much deeper healing on a personal and Karmic level. It has helped me to cleanse lots of blockages. The teaching skills and material were of excellent quality. The team also provides after care, help and support. " -- Meena P. - Reiki Master & Reflexologist / Beautician / Aromatherapist and Masseur.



" I enjoyed practising the attunements on the Masters course. The quality of the information and teaching was very good. The course has come upto my expectations and more! The impact of the attunements and healing hit me. After each day, I am aware I have a lot of self healing to do - very powerful stuff! The most important thing I learnt on this course is to respect the symbols and their meanings, because it shows a true commitment to the teachings and practice of Reiki. A very satisfying course and thanks to Sunil." -- Sharon O. - Massage Therapist.

" It is hard to say what I enjoyed most on the Masters course, but learning the attunements was very highly rated and the whole course was fantastic! The information and demonstrations were excellent, and the patience of the Masters was appreciable. The course has fulfilled my expectations much more than I anticipated, but very enjoyable. I found the healing very relaxing, particularly on my neck and hands, both of which have arthritis. The most important thing that I learnt on this course is that there is always something more to learn and lots to practice! I appreciate the Sunil's help and also some of his comment were most helpful." -- Patricia C. - Retired.

" I enjoyed giving and receiving the attunements. The Masters course was very informative, with clear understanding and very positive. I feel very confident with my healings and I am looking forward to healing others. My mind and body felt different through the healing experiences I received on this course, and, has taught me to be more positve and confident about my ability to do use Reiki to help others. The most important thing that I learnt on this course is to give and receive. I wish to thank Sunil for his undivided attention, love and understanding." -- S. Hunjan - Massage Therapist.

" The Usui Reiki one and two courses have guided me towards a happier life, where I can find myself complete. I am very satisfied with the quality of information and teaching received. I changed a lot to a better person since attending these courses. I experienced receiving healing as a bright light going through my body. It made me feel relaxed. The most important thing that I learnt on these courses is that you can really have a better life if you wish and believe so. I am very glad that I have done these course." -- Katiane C - Student.


" The Gendai Reiki one course was very good, informative and practical as I learnt a lot of healing techniques for self healing. This course has fulfilled my expectations very well as it has given me a lifelong gift. Thank you for such a positive and enjoyable experience. The most important thing that I learnt on this course is that I can heal myself and receive the life force energy. " -- Wendy D - Educationalist.

" I enjoyed the healing sessions, the techniques, and, also the care and attention of the teachers. The quality of the information and the teaching was very good. The Gendai Reiki level one course has fulfilled my expectations beyond what I had expected. The most important thing I learnt on this course is how to use the Cosmic energy from God to heal and help ourselves. I am very happy today, I enjoyed the course!" -- Ricardo S. - I. T. Consultant.

" I would like like to compliment Mr Sunil Rathod on his practice and to state how effective his treatment is. Whether one suffers a medical illness or mental stress, Mr Sunil Rathod is effective in allievating pain and improving the general well being of the patient. I would highly recommend the various treatments he offers. " -- Dr Prabhatsinh Chudasama B.S.A.M. (India), M.A.A.P. (London), Ayurvedic Physician and Herbal Consultant.

" After the Steam Massage steam treatment I felt very good and energetic. The body and my head feels much lighter and fresh. I will definitely come back for more sessions and will also recommend it to friends and family. " -- Kaushik B.- Manager.

" I have had a series of Steam Massage steam sessions. I feel very well in my self, almost like a new woman. My pain has reduced by 80%. When I first came in, I was so tense and stiff, now I feel relaxed. After the second treatment my children started to notice the difference. Thank you. "-- Rashpal S. - Retail Cashier.

" I have had a series of Steam Massage steam treatments. My body feels lighter, younger and more flexible. The treatment is excellent. I sleep much better. I feel optimistic, fresh and much happier. "-- Sangita B. - Designer.

" Feel superb and wholesome after the Steam Massage steam treatment. " -- P Patel - Banker.

" The Steam Massage steam treatment was very relaxing, I particularly enjoyed the Pre and Post Steam. The music was also very relaxing. I would recommend this treatment to others, thank you. " -- Jessica P. - Self Employed.

" During the back massage treatment, as far as the massage goes I would rate it as excellent. However, for an individual to receive the full benefit there is a need for more than one session. Sunil's personality and customer service is very good. " -- Jamil E. - Businessman.

" After my back massage treatment I felt very much destressed. Sunil's hands do excellent work. Feel very awake, relaxed and aware, a lot of knots are gone, but still a way to go, will be back for more. " -- Clare W. Event Manager.

" I had a series of Reiki Healing Sessions. I felt fantastic, completely relaxed, calm, joyful. I felt as if I was born again, and certainly felt it easier to focus on problems and solve them as the healing gave me more understanding. There has been and 80-85% improvement with the Reiki Healing Sessions, and most of all I am learning to let go more often at least. " -- Dawn M.- Housewife.

" I feel very still and settled after the Reiki Healing Treatments. I am very happy to have come here today. " -- Pat M. - I. T. Training.

" After my Reiki Healing treatment I felt relaxed and open. My mind was very clear and almost thought free and I felt very energetic. " -- Hetal S. - Financial Adviser.

" During the Indian Head Massage treatment, I felt very stiff in all areas. But the deep massage eradicated the tension, making me feel a lot more relaxed and clear headed. " -- Linda P. - Personal Assistant.

" When I came in I had a headache, but after the Indian Head Massage I feel much better, my headache is gone and I feel more positive energy within myself. " -- Becki B. - Receptionist.

" I had a series of Indian Head Massage treatments. The tension in my shoulders has reduced and I felt very relaxed and ready for the weekend. The treatments were excellent in that there was gradual relaxation in my muscles and enough attention was directed to areas of high tension. " -- Niraj S. - Recruitment Consultant.

" I have had a series of Indian Head Massage treatments. I felt very relaxed and content and joyful. I can't really explain why, but I would like to come here again. " -- Adnett - Production Manager.

" I had Indian Head Massage, back massage and Reiki Healing treatment. The treatment brought a lot of pain to the surface, and this pain was released during the treatment. After wards I felt relaxed and had a sense of well being. The Reiki Healing was strangely calming and almost dreamlike. It left me feeling at peace. " -- Mark R. - Supervisor.

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