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Reiki Practitioner offering Reiki Training Courses in London UK.
Sunil Rathod is a fully qualified Usui, Gendai, Threshold, Sekhem-Seichim and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. He has studied various subjects connected to healing during the last 5 years with recognised teachers.
Reiki Courses
Reiki Courses
Learn Usui, Gendai, Karuna, Sekhem-Seichim and Threshold Reiki. Experience the power of Reiki in LIVE HEALING SESSIONS on any of the courses to promote your self- development at the mental/emotional, physical and spiritual levels...
Reiki Healing Massage. Therapies
Sunil offers Holistic Healing Massage with a combination of Reiki healing, Marma points, Acu points, Indian head massage, ITEC relaxing Massage and Reiki healing treatments
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