Indian Head Massage Courses in UK.
Indian Head Massage in London UK.


Reiki Master offering Indian Head Massage in London UK.

Call Sunil for Special Prices and Block Bookings !

Uses and adapts Swedish Massage Techniques for treating the scalp, face, neck shoulder and upper arms. It is extremely effective for treating stress.

The benefits of a treatment are:

  • It improves skin tone and color.
  • It helps increase joint mobility and flexibility in shoulders, arms and neck.
  • It reduces and prevents build up of stress and tension, increases circulation, flexibility, lymphatic circulation and improves the nervous system.
  • It improves sleep, reduces anxiety, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, improves breathing, releases mental and physical stress, promoting feelings of calmness and well being.
  • It unblocks congestion through out the body and increases energy levels.


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