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Holistic healing massage with Acu Points, Marma Points, Reiki Healing and Pre and Post Wet Steam: (2 Hours+)

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This is a unique treatment which treats the mind, body and spirit i.e. one’s entire being as a whole. It treats each person individually and in the context of his or her own life. This helps the client to improve their health themselves, by regaining the body’s equilibrium.

The massage session is combined with a Pre and Post Massage Individual Wet Steam session lasting 20 minutes each. The treatment is akin to that offered in world class Ayurvedic and naturopathy health clinics. The massage session lasts for approximately one hour and 10 minutes. Reiki Healing is an integral part of the massage, making the treatment a powerful healing, cleansing and detoxifying process, leaving one feeling relaxed and at peace!

The benefits of this holistic treatment are many!

Steam Sessions :

  • Can evaporate excess fluids from the body, thus when combined with diet control and supporting treatments, may result in weight reduction.
  • Aid the elimination of waste products and toxins through the skin, leaving the skin cleaner, healthier and more elastic. The skin’s rejuvenation process is also accelerated.
  • Help the body to relax by removing toxic products through pespiration.
  • Prepares the body for subsequent massage treatment by releasing body tension and making the skin looser, making it a very pleasurable experience for the client.
  • The psychological aspects of the treatment should be considered as well. One feels warm, comfortable and senses the feeling of being “looked after.” This gives a deep sense of relaxation.

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Massage :

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  • Helps to achieve a state of deep relaxation by helping to remove the build up of tension without damaging the body. It also helps the client to avoid building up of stress altogether.
  • It boosts self esteem and comfort for the lonely and bereaved due to the sense of touch. It can also help treat depression by boosting well being and self worth, due to this reason as well.
  • It boosts the immune system, stimulates circulation, the lymphatic system, increases energy levels and calms the mind and body.
  • It releases endorphins, which are pain relieving happy hormones
  • It stimulates the nervous system, encourages deep breathing, lowers the heart rate and switches digestion back on.
  • It relaxes all the systems in the body which may be functioning too slowly or rapidly due to stress, helping conditions such as insomnia, headaches, backache, constipation and fatigue.
  • It stimulates the body’s natural ability to repair and renew itself at the cellular level.
  • It helps improve skin tone and elasticity and helps muscles recover their flexibility and strength.

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Acu points :

Acupoint in Chinese means a small hole for the Ki or Qi. Hundreds of Acupoints lie along the course of meridian lines in our body, and, they help to transmit Qi or Ki and blood through them.

They closely reflect pathological and physiological changes in the body. These acupoints are massaged to regulate the Qi-blood flow and functioning of the digestive system and all the major organs.

They also releive pain, not only on the surface of the body, but also in the internal organs because the meridian networds links the exterior of the body to the internal organs. Therefore, the massage of points on the surface of the body affects the internal organs too.

Marma points :

These are points throughout the body which govern the flow of energy. Through massage therapy Marma points get stimulated and the flow of vital energy is restored and/or balanced according to an individual's requirement.

Reiki Healing : (1hour)

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