Holistic Reiki: Reiki Master & Reiki Practitioner in London UK.
Holistic Reiki : Reiki Training Courses Provided by Reiki Master in London UK.


Holistic Reiki : Reiki Training Courses provided by a Reiki Master & Reiki Practitioner in London UK.

Sunil Rathod is a fully qualified Usui, Gendai, Threshold, Sekhem-Seichim and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher.

He has studied various subjects connected to healing during the last 5 years with recognised teachers. These include channelling, aura healing, chakra healing and colour healing, spiritual and psychic development and psychic surgery.

He holds professional indemnity insurance from an accredited institution.

He endeavours to progress his own spiritual path and well being by practicing regular meditation, self attunements and healing with Reiki.

He has studied various meditation methods from various spiritual disciplines.

He is also studying the teachings of the Masters who have given these wonderful meditation methods to the world, as well as those of other revered Masters in the spiritual world.

As it is said that teaching is learning, true learning of Reiki begins after you become a Reiki Master and start teaching others.

His aim is to be better human being by always seeking to learn more, and, help others to be better human beings as well, by giving QUALITY information, teaching and practice through the courses.

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